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UGH, but seriously this whole “Let’s bring Sarah Jessica Parker and not make it about Kurt” thing, is just leaving me really frustraded. AND YET, they’re bringing back Kate Hudson… AND IT’S ALL ABOUT RACHEL!

The whole Rachel/Kurt balance of this show is just way too fucked up for me to enjoy ANY of it anymore. I can’t stand to watch the “Not The Boy Next Door" scene, even now.

Because no matter how flawless or adorable Kurt is in that scene, I’m still so fucking bitter at the whole Nyada/Audition plot. It was just so fucking pointless and stupid and insulting.

It literally prevents me from ever enjoying that scene ever again.

Other things that fall under this category:

  • The Purple Piano Project (any scene where Kurt and Rachel share a physical space and talk about “our” future, lol glee; FUCK YOU);
  • The  ENTIRE school election plot (I’m going to backstab you, then back out of it, only to have been too late, damaging not only your life, but that of the entire Glee club);
  • Michael (what you got a finalist letter,well I’m sorry let me cry about me, let’s not celebrate you. let’s talk about ME; let get Finn to sing to Blaine with me, rather than let him have a private moment with Kurt, that’ll make up for it!);
  • Choke (HHAHHhahahhahHAAHAhAHAHHAAhhhHAAHHAHAHAhahahahagafDahahjHGDSasivMLNsiuEPChaiviucaj!!!!!!!!)
  • Prom-a-saurus (Of course both Kurt and Blaine’s traumatic past isn’t important, what we must focus is on MY bitch fit, where I win prom queen, which doesn’t change anything since I’m going to go back to having no bakbone and crying about my life, 2 seconds after anyway.);
  • Goodbye (EVERYTHING SUCKS! What Kurt you worked hard and done amazing while persuing your dreams? NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Here Rachel, perfect baby, princess, cupcake, have an entire Season dedicated to making everyone’s lives suck, so yours looks better.):
  • The New Rachel (Yes, I know all my dreams have come true, while stomping all over yours in the process, but let me cry about it to you, for no reason; PITTY ME!);
  • Makeover (What, you found a new dream that surpasses the one I took from you? Let’s make it all about ME!);
  • Swan Song (Half an episode dedicated to how amazing Rachel is Vs 2 scenes dedicated to telling the audience Kurt’s audition sucked and he is going to Nyada now, for no reason);
  • Sadie Hawkins (Kurt, I know you just found out your dad has cancer, you’re still getting over your ex, are trying to fit in at a new school but… FUCK ALL OF THE THINGS THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO YOU. What you should be caring about is how much better you can make MY life, by excluding yourself from school clubs that might like and accept you, and also, you should start dating a random guy you literally just met, like I did, so we can go on double dates, because that’s TOTALLY more important than your emotional stability.)
  • Diva (Lol, no Kurt, you wining something isn’t about you, it’s about Rachel, of course!);
  • Sweet Dreams (Let’s being back Kurt’s dream job and amazing mentor… WHAT? NO, of course it isn’t about him! Someone get Rachel an expensive designer dress!);
  • Wonder-ful/All Or Nothing (Ok, Kurt you can have a storyline and be treated like you are your own character with independent thinking, but ONLY because we we’re forced to not use Rachel as much; Lol, did you think it’s cause you actually matter?)

EVERYTHING! All ruined and unable to be enjoyable in ANY way, because Kurt is consistently shown as a tool. An instument to make Rachel look better in comparison.


I never judge or begrudge anyone for getting enjoyment out of certain elements of Glee. But anyone who calls themselves a Kurt fan and says Hummelbery is “AMAZING” and “SO CUTE” can go fuck themselves and go gladly enjoy this piece of crap you call a “friendship”. Not to mention the shitty treatment of Kurt as a character, period.

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posted on April 22, 2013
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