UGH, but seriously this whole “Let’s bring Sarah Jessica Parker and not make it about Kurt” thing, is just leaving me really frustraded. AND YET, they’re bringing back Kate Hudson… AND IT’S ALL ABOUT RACHEL!

The whole Rachel/Kurt balance of this show is just way too fucked up for me to enjoy ANY of it anymore. I can’t stand to watch the “Not The Boy Next Door" scene, even now.

Because no matter how flawless or adorable Kurt is in that scene, I’m still so fucking bitter at the whole Nyada/Audition plot. It was just so fucking pointless and stupid and insulting.

It literally prevents me from ever enjoying that scene ever again.

Other things that fall under this category:

EVERYTHING! All ruined and unable to be enjoyable in ANY way, because Kurt is consistently shown as a tool. An instument to make Rachel look better in comparison.


I never judge or begrudge anyone for getting enjoyment out of certain elements of Glee. But anyone who calls themselves a Kurt fan and says Hummelbery is “AMAZING” and “SO CUTE” can go fuck themselves and go gladly enjoy this piece of crap you call a “friendship”. Not to mention the shitty treatment of Kurt as a character, period.

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    Writing on wall S1 = everything will bow down to and for Rachel, not necessarily the Kurtcedes demise. But then when...
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    [[MORE]] I don’t think we can say we saw the end of Kurtcedes back in S1, or even in S2 until maybe BIOTA at the...
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