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So, since I haven’t yet voiced my opinion on this, here it is.
  1. I am HAPPY there is going to be a season 6; because all I care about anymore is Klaine being in NY together and I was kind of upset at the idea of Glee ending with us getting little of that in season 5.
  2. Just cause it doesn’t end in S5, doesn’t mean I want to sit through another fucking season of Lima, more specifically, BLAINE IN LIMA. SO get his voluptuous ass to NY pronto, or there will be blood.
  3. The fact that there is a season 6, makes me be slightly less ragy at the split. Because at least I have Klaine/lesbian mentors to look forward to; HOWEVER, this is only valid IF klaine gets focus.
  4. Ryan and Brad BOTH said that they know people want Klaine, and by this meaning “klaine SCENES”; if that isn’t something that’s happening in season 5, then fuck this shit.
  5. I’m HAPPY that we’ll get to see Blaine in New York, like, LEGIT full season of Blaine living in NY, with Kurt, possibly moving in to their OWN apartment, singing flirty duets and being domestic!!! *.*
  6. Season 6 means one thing, and one thing only, to me: KLAINE WEDDING 21!!!!

I’m singing in da mudafukin klaine, BITCHES!

And I’m ACTUALLY HAPPY, for the first time in AGES Glee is legit making me happy; KLAINE is making me happy; and a thing so simple as that, is making getting through my shitty days that much easier.


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    So basically, what I read here, was a Blaine-stan pissed off about someone who would rather have the characters get...
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    THANK YOU. It is not his fault for Kurt’s lack of screen time. It is the writers making Rachel the main focus and...
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  9. ihopeitsjustadream said: just let this stupid season end ugh i hope there will be more NY in season 5 and no Lima at all in season 6…