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It’s more that the plots Chris got to write were dictated by people who were not him. That’s what writing an episode of TV is about. He could bounce ideas around with them but ultimately they decided who was where doing what and he made it happen.

Hmmm… Yeah, but I still think certain choices are worthy of certain criticism. Now WHO is behind those creative choices. That’s the question.

Anonymous asked: I don't understand why people think it's ok that Chris would avoid writing Blaine just because he is scared of it being analyzed. Is that also why Kurt doesn't make eye contact with Blaine? That's what you call being a professional. Your writing has to be analyzed. He is not some delicate flower that needs to be protected from criticism. Actually, I hope fandom is objective with his episode. If it sucks, well then it sucks and if its amazing and the best thing ever then we can say that too.


To be honest I think Sam’s gonna get lazy with the dog and palm it off on Blaine and Kurt. I think it’s all just a ploy to get Mercedes into bed. I don’t know, hopefully some better spoilers will come out soon.

Hmmm, I mean I totally buy Sam doing that, I’m just having a hard time imagening Chris writing Sam doing that, since that would be kind of not a good thing for Samcedes? It would make Sam come off a bit poorly. Consideing how hard Glee’s been pushing Samcedes. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Didn’t someone tweet about Chris and Darren working with the dog?

But the dog is the Samcedes plot? So it’ll probably be a minor scene? Y/N?
Anyway the summary makes it seem like it’s several seperate plots. And, again, I don’t really feel the way things were worded that they’ll get much more than that.